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The Cleansing by Sam Kates

The Cleansing by Sam Kates

Title: The Cleansing
Author: Sam Kates
Year published: 2013
Genre: Apocalyptic.
Threat: Deadly virus.
Two words: Engineered annihilation.






With post-apocalyptic fiction such a burgeoning subject in the creative arts, and publishing made so easy (and the stunning example of success that Hugh Howey’s Wool set), the independent book industry is now awash with authors trying their hand at apocalyptic tales. It is always refreshing, then, to find an author who’s done it properly, and professionally – and The Cleansing is a great example of how an independent book can be. With its international tale of a seemingly man-made deadly infection, it’s polished, intriguing and – above all – entertaining. Read more

The Stand by Stephen King: religious morals in a devastated society


Title: The Stand
Author:Stephen King
Year published: 1978
Genre: Post-apocalyptic (near), horror/fantasy.
Threat: Deadly virus.
Two words: Biblical struggle.







Also one of the most successful TV movies adapted from a Stephen King novel, and a graphic novel, The Stand is an epic tale from a highly accomplished horror author. It’s set aside from the usual wasteland survivor scenario by its religious undertone, as the deadly apocalypse leads to the rise of an altogether different destructive force, and sets the stage for a battle between good and evil. Read more