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The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion

the conversation of eiros and charmion

Title: The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion
Author:Edgar Allen Poe
Year published: 1839
Genre: Apocalyptic
Threat: Comet
Two words: Prophetic pulp.







In the 1830s, a man named William Miller was causing as stir, much like gripped the world in the millennium, and again for 2012. And about once every other year or so now. An American Baptist preacher, he spread a message of the Second Coming of Christ (and ultimately the arrival Judgement Day), which another preacher announced would come on October 22nd, 1844. With the benefit of hindsight, his movement is perhaps better known, now, as The Great Disappointment. The existence of The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion is evidence of how much momentum Miller’s influence gained, however: written to cash in on that popular idea of the apocalypse, the great American literary icon Edgar Allen Poe wrote a short story about what would happen at the end of days. Read more