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Metro: Last Light game review –
creeping through the Moscow underground

Metro Last Light

Title: Metro Last Light
Developer: 4A Games
Year released: 2013
Genre: Post-apocalyptic game.
Threat: Nuclear holocaust, monsters.
Two words: Ambient Immersion.







There are reviews of Metro: Last Light that praise it for its unique take on the post-apocalypse, pitting the user into the Moscow Metro and showing after-the-disaster survival from the Russian perspective. It’s hardly unique in this respect, however, as neither a story nor a computer game. Last Light is merely the latest in a slew of post-apocalyptic adventures that have rolled out of Russia in the last decade or so, and it cannot really hold a candle to the accomplishments of the vast Stalker series. It is, however, an enjoyable and immersive game in its own right. Read more