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Metro: Last Light game review –
creeping through the Moscow underground

Metro Last Light

Title: Metro Last Light
Developer: 4A Games
Year released: 2013
Genre: Post-apocalyptic game.
Threat: Nuclear holocaust, monsters.
Two words: Ambient Immersion.







There are reviews of Metro: Last Light that praise it for its unique take on the post-apocalypse, pitting the user into the Moscow Metro and showing after-the-disaster survival from the Russian perspective. It’s hardly unique in this respect, however, as neither a story nor a computer game. Last Light is merely the latest in a slew of post-apocalyptic adventures that have rolled out of Russia in the last decade or so, and it cannot really hold a candle to the accomplishments of the vast Stalker series. It is, however, an enjoyable and immersive game in its own right. Read more

Metro 2033: horror in the Moscow underground

metro 2033 novel

Title: Metro 2033
Author:Dmitry Glukhovsky
Year published: 2005 (Russia)
Genre: Post-apocalypse (near), action/horror.
Threat: Nuclear holocaust, mutated monsters
Two words: Underground horror.







Metro 2033 has become more popularly known internationally thanks to the success of the computer game, though the novel is novel entertainment in its own right. Combining elements of paranormal horror with real-world locations, it’s a dark saga with vivid action and well-realised varied settings. But for its charm (and I did essentially like the book) it is far from perfect. If you’re after a dark romp through a creepy apocalypse, you could do worse, but you could also do a lot better. Read more