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The Day of the Triffids: classic post-apocalyptic fiction

day of the triffids post apocalyptic book

Title: The Day of the Triffids
Author:John Wyndham
Year published: 1951
Genre: Post-apocalypse (immediate), sci-fi/drama.
Threat: Blindness and carnivorous plants.
Two words: Timeless classic.







The Day of the Triffids is not just an archetype post-apocalyptic story but also an all time great sci-fi books, and a classic work of literature. Many of the themes have been re-used since (28 Days Later, Danny Boyle says, was partly inspired by this novel), to the point of seeming cliché, but even if you’re familiar with the story the novel remains immediately gripping and unique. Coming fresh into the tale, you’re led to believe it’s a disaster story about giant plants. It’s not: it’s about Cold War paranoia, and the frailty of modern civilisation. The titular triffids, in fact, play only a small role in this story of survival. Read more