Pilgrimage of the Damned: an online serial saga

post apocalyptic serial fiction

Title: Pilgrimage of the Damned
Author: Phil Williams
Year published: 2012 onwards
Genre: Post-apocalyptic, serial, religious/dark comedy.
Threat: Unexplained insanity.
Two words: Serial saga.







The online serial, Pilgrimage of the Damned, has been recommended as an Editor’s Pick on online serial fiction site JukePop Serials. This free website is a great source of ongoing fiction accessible to all, covering a number of genres, so it’s great to see my post-apocalyptic saga being so well received there. The serial follows the union of two wayward survivors in a British wasteland: one a no-nonsense young lady doing what she has to to survive, the other a man who is convinced he is already dead.

What’s it all about

When Burton wakes up in a world besieged by demonic creatures determined to kill him, he immediately concludes that to escape this purgatory he must complete a pilgrimage to Mecca, where he is certain he will find God. On his way he discovers what he believes to be an angel, young Vita, who is determined merely to survive in this Godless world. As he preaches a journey of redemption and salvation, she struggles to convince him that he is not, in fact dead – the human race has simply been corrupted. So begins their Odyssey, as Vita learns to cope with the fact that even the people who haven’t been driven savage aren’t entirely within their minds.


Why you should read it

Pilgrimage of the Damned is a fast-paced adventure, adopting a comic-book approach to its journey. Written as an online serial, the chapters are short and sharp, designed to be consumed in small chunks, on the move, with dramatic twists and endings. It is a throwback to older styles of pulp serial writing, designed, above all, to entertain. Besides which, it’s free, so at least give it a try!


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