Hypocentre: French filmmakers’ haunting vision of abandoned Paris

paris post apocalyptic short film Empty streets and a city abandoned: these are the images presented in Hypocentre, a harrowing short film from French filmmakers Menilmonde (the pairing of Claire and Maxime). At just under five minutes long, this video shows all the popular views of Paris, including the Champ Elysees, the streets of Montaparnasse and the Eiffel tower all empty of people and traffic. Scroll down to watch it now!

The filmmakers took video footage of the City of Light and edited out all the people in thousands of individual frames, to give a devastatingly empty location, akin to the starts of such apocalyptic films as 28 Days Later or I Am Legend.

They raised the question, “What if Paris was emptied,” and invited views to “Imagine if the action of man was more harmful to our fragile planet.” The video was made with painstaking attention to detail, using over 7500 still photos, with a haunting result.

The filmmakers did it to provide a message, to show what the world could be like, if the people were all gone – how sad and empty it would be. But they also did as a technical project, to show what is possible with hard work and a good video camera; with no need for early rises. They combined these images with free audio samples, such as the whispers of a church, which were recorded in reverse to provide a sinister soundtrack.

The short film was inspired by Ross Ching’s Running On Empty, which did the same for the main streets of Los Angeles in 2010.

Watch Hypocentre here, now, for an atmospheric escape into the world after the end – see for yourself what Paris would be like in a post-apocalypse, with all the people gone.


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