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On this page, you will find regularly updated free fiction eBooks relating to the post-apocalypse, dystopias, apocalyptic and steampunk genres. With the internet abundant in self-published authors, and the classics of post-apocalyptic fiction now available through enterprises like Project Gutenburg, if you enjoy digital reading there are more than enough free books out there to satisfy your wasteland needs.

post-apocalyptic booksTitle: Pilgrimage of the Damned
Author: Phil Williams
Where to get it: Read it online
What it’s all about: A work of serial fiction available online from JukePop Serials. Written by yours truly, it charts the journey of a repentant man after a plagued holocaust. Convinced he is already dead, Burton travels through a desolate world he believes is purgatory. This serial is ongoing.
post-apocalyptic booksTitle: The Last Man Author: Mary Shelley
Where to get it: Download it here
More info: By Mary Shelley, this novel is considered one of the earliest works of modern post-apocalyptic fiction. Originally released in 1826, it covers the same themes of loss and isolation that make the genre popular today.
post-apocalyptic booksTitle: The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion
Author: Edgar Allen Poe
Where to get it: Read it online
More info: Edgar Allen Poe’s short story from 1850 charts the thoughts of two souls as they lament the recent destruction of the world.
post-apocalyptic booksTitle: The Day of the Triffids
Author: John Wyndham
Where to get it: Download it here
More info: John Wyndham’s classic novel has been uploaded below; I don’t think it’s quite past the copyright laws, so you should buy it– but it’s available it’s available. For more information on this masterpiece, please read here.
post-apocalyptic booksTitle: Roadside Picnic
Authors: Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Where to get it: Download it here
More info: The Russian novel (translated to English) that loosely inspired the incredible film Stalker. Again, this is quite modern (1971) and you can buy it here– but it is available for download.
free dystopian ebookTitle: We
Author: Eugene Zamyatin
Where to get it: Download this PDF
More info: By Eugene Zamyatin, We is a classic dystopian novel that draws its grim tale from the real-life conditions the author was living in. A city made of glass and an environment of imprisonment. (Well, the attitudes were truthful, at least.)

I’m always looking to spread the word on new and original fiction, so if you would like your free works of post-apocalyptic fiction listed here, please get in touch.