Film Lists

The post-apocalypse is as popular in film and TV as it is in fiction, and it seems all the most successful books covering the same genres are eventually filmed. This section contains databases of information about apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and dystopian films, split accordingly because there’s so many of them.

apocalyptic filmsApocalyptic Films

Movies that cover the lead-up to the apocalypse, these are mostly disaster movies, designed for the pleasure of seeing everything we know crumbling to the ground. Big budgets and boisterous action usually pervade these films, as ordinary characters fight for survival against a devastating threat. Examples include Armageddon and Deep Impact.

post apocalyptic filmsPost-Apocalyptic Films

The post-apocalypse is popular in film as a desolate scenario for regular people to struggle through abandoned, barbaric or alien landscapes. Expect tensely focused character conflicts, original uses of old technology and grungy atmospheres. Examples include Mad Max 2: Road Warrior and The Book of Eli.

dystopian filmsDystopian Films

Often based on bleak social commentaries, dystopian movies are set-ups for revolutionary antics, in oppressive, damning civilisations. Expect authoritarian control, games of death, and room for epic battles of good vs evil. That don’t always end well. Examples include Blade Runner and Hunger Games.