Coming soon: The Rest of the World

apocalypse pulp rest of the world

It’s been two days since they stopped waking up. The whole world has changed.

Coming soon, Post-Apocalypse Pulp Volume 1: The Rest of the World treads the border between apocalypse and post-apocalypse. Picking up a few days after the majority of the world’s population started dying, it looks at insomnia in the extreme: as something’s changed, and those who go to sleep will never wake up again.

The protagonist, Charlie Weaver, finds herself stranded in Asia after the news sweeps the world that people everywhere are dying in their sleep. A panic passes over the world as others fall into the trap of sleep, never to wake again, and the human race spirals into seemingly inevitable extinction. Faced with the knowledge that resting means dying, the survivors react with fear and anger, tearing civilisation apart in their final hours, desperately trying to make it last that little while longer.

Already suffering from insomnia, Charlie Weaver is in the unique position of knowing all too well how to handle sleep deprivation. But that was before, when the chance to sleep was like an impossible aspiration. Now, it presents a dangerous reality which must be avoided at all costs. Charlie starts on a desperate journey to rejoin friends and find some way to overcome the sleeping death. But will she be able to stay awake long enough to find the answer to this apocalyptic question?

The Rest of the World is the first novella in a series that I am starting entitled Post-Apocalyptic Pulp; light reading pulp fiction adventures from the apocalyptic genre, all dealing with the same familiar themes of isolation and survival. It will be available in early 2014, in eBook format, so please watch this space.

If you’re looking for something to read now, why not try my free serial, Pilgrimage of the Damned, available to read online. Burton and Vita trek across the world in a journey of redemption, plagued by a maddened population of feral people. And the ever-present difficult that Burton believes he is already dead. 


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