Post-Apocalyptic Books is a website dedicated to post-apocalyptic fiction and the surrounding culture. You can find information about post-apocalyptic books and films, as well as news, trivia, and access to original fiction.

As a writer of post-apocalyptic fiction myself, I am a keen consumer of the genre in literature and film – this website serves as an archive of the information I have gathered. In addition to exploring worlds of the post-apocalyptic wastelands and dystopian societies, this website is a platform for the promotion of my personal fiction projects. I am a self-published author, and write with a love for the genre that I hope this website helps demonstrate. If you would like to support my efforts, or simply wish to try something new, please consider sampling my writing below:

apocalyptic novelWixon’s Day

A brooding post-apocalyptic saga set in the far future. A drifting boatman struggles to find purpose in anarchic desolate surroundings. Yet when Marquos is driven to liberating a child from the mines, and aiding freedom fighting convicts, he is drawn into a war that he never realised existed. A tale exposing the philosophies of war and the dangers of apathy, set against a haunting backdrop. Find out more here.

apocalyptic online serialPilgrimage of the Damned

Available on JukePop Serials, this post-apocalyptic serial follows Burton, a man convinced he’s already dead, as he fights demons in a struggle to reach Mecca and redemption. A mix of apocalyptic action chaos and dark humour, this serial is free to read, and ongoing – start reading it here.